Principal's Welcome

At Nangiloc/Colignan & District Primary School we offer our students an innovative and inspiring education experience. Our focus is on developing self-directed learners who make a positive and meaningful contribution to our community.

Our staff have developed an engaging online curriculum that fosters students’ academic, social, emotional and physical development. Our teachers work collaboratively to plan differentiated teaching and learning programs for each and every child and offer a wide range of learning experiences designed to suit their passions, interests and needs.

We believe that learning happens everywhere, our ‘Outdoor Learning Labs’ every second Friday provide all students with the opportunity to engage with the community resources and facilities (library, art galleries, museums, botanical gardens, businesses, educational and sporting facilities). These regular excursions have a strong literacy and numeracy focus in the morning usually at the public library and in the afternoon we search for inspirational experiences in and around the local region.

Our teachers work closely with families to ensure that all possible care is given to every student; we provide a pastoral service that endeavours to meet the needs of all children. Emotional, physical, and academic needs are met with rigour and sensitivity. Our strong association with the local kindergarten and secondary schools allows us to offer a well-structured and supportive transition program for kindergarten children entering Foundation and for Year 6 transferring to secondary schooling.

We are part of the Mallee Educational Cluster, a network of regional schools supported by the Country Education Project (CEP), which includes 1400 students across 5 schools. The aim of this network is ensuring high quality learning opportunities for all rural and remote students through collaboration, innovation, and creative approaches to education.

We actively encourage parent participation in our school, our Parents Group offers a variety of opportunities for families to become active members of our school community.

Please contact our school to find out more about the amazing education opportunities we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.


Mr Ben Crum