About our school

Our purpose

Our purpose is to create lifelong learners

Our vision

Lead, inspire, inquire!

Our Mission

Our mission is:

  • to provide a safe, supportive and engaging environment. 
  • to empower and challenge students to strive for excellence
  • to emphasise cooperation within team-based environments for planning and teaching in all areas of the curriculum, and
  • to celebrate achievements

Our school is set on a spacious grounds. With approximately 38 students, we are a progressive school focusing on the whole child.

Background and demographics

Nangiloc Colignan & District Primary School is a small school with a culture of positive student attitudes, excellent academic achievement, and excellent student attendance. At Nangiloc, learners have a strong sense of belonging and the opportunity to take part in the direction of their own learning. 

Nangiloc Colignan and District Primary School is a remote primary school situated by the Murray River 50kms south of Mildura. The school population is 38, predominantly from the local fruit and vegetable farming community. The teaching staff consist of two full-time teachers and a teaching principal, working across 3 composite classes from Foundation to Year 2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6.

Our Vision

School Vision

‘Lead, Inspire, Inquire’ is the school’s new vision statement depicting Nangiloc Colignan Primary School’s ethos. The word ‘Lead’ represents the ‘competencies’ a set of skills essential to all learners, describing how to learn, how to think independently, how to think alongside others and learn throughout life. The word ‘Inspire’ encompasses a set of values focused on the school’s identity and the community’s future. The word ‘Inquire’ refers to the school’s teaching and learning approach. Nangiloc encourages learners to look deeply into key concepts and essential questions.


The ‘competencies’ for students to ‘Lead’ are Collaboration, Communication, Character, Learner Agency, Ethics, Citizenship, Quality Thinking and Connectedness. The ‘competencies’ matter because they support dispositions that will enable Nangiloc’s learners to learn well now, and to go on learning throughout their lives. Over the past two years, Nangiloc has worked in partnership with the University of Melbourne and 32 other ‘first mover’ schools on “changing the grammar of schooling”. This has allowed the school to develop a set of metrics, capable of assessing and reporting the ‘competencies’ to students, parents, and caregivers.


‘Bringing life to education and education to life’: to ‘Inspire’ people to flourish, where staff and students are on a co-learning journey, where there is an awareness that the school is interconnected with local and global communities, including the natural world. The school’s aim is to develop sustainable societies where people and ecosystems flourish. These values include a growth mindset, multiculturalism, indigenous views, compassion for self and others, real world engagement, health & wellbeing, care for the environment, trust, and respect. They bring a coherent perspective to diverse and sometimes challenging world views. Nangiloc encourages learners to safely explore the values and begin the exciting journey of finding their place in the world. 


The school’s ‘surface’ to ‘deep’ approach to teaching and learning develops a strong understanding of key concepts, skills, and knowledge across each domain (Digital/Design & Technology, Science, Humanities and The Arts). Learners demonstrate their ability to ‘transfer’ their learning through real world experiences and performance tasks meaningful to their lives and local communities. Essential questions are co-created with learners to reflect the schools ‘Inspire’ values and curriculum. These performance tasks are shared with the school community each month, in a C.O.L (Celebration Of Learning).